Price List

Lynda Wilson is licensed and insured and approved by the State of Delaware Board of Health Department. No credit cards accepted.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Mink or Silk Eyelash Extensions add length, thickness and volume to one’s own natural lashes with the application of a single synthetic or mink lash to an individual natural lash using a special adhesive. Lashes last up to 8 weeks, requiring fill-ins every 2-4 weeks (depending upon lash care and preference). Looks can range from flirty or natural to full, open-eyed, or glamorous and are customizable to suit your eye-shape and preferred look. Application times range from 60 minutes to 2 hours and are priced based on the number of lashes.

  • Initial Full set $275.00
    Between 75 and 100 lashes are applied to each eye producing a full, wide-eyed, or glamorous look.
  • Fill-in Full set $75.00 – $90.00
    Recommended every 2 – 4 weeks.

Lash Removal: $50.00
We use a specially formulated solvent that safely dissolves the eyelash glue without injuring the natural lash. This process can take anywhere from 20 – 60 minutes depending upon the number of lashes.

* While Eyelash Extensions are a safe and fabulous alternative to wearing mascara or faux lashes, they can put stress on your own natural lashes and over time can cause slight but temporary damage. Because of this, they are not recommended for those with weak or extremely sparse lashes. Our lash technician can help you determine if lash extensions are a suitable option for you.

Permanent Makeup

A consultation is recommended and a patch test may be required, if no previous tattoos have been performed. Prices may vary for each individual depending on the procedure.


  • One level $350.00
  • Touch up (4 weeks) one level $300.00
  • Boost (one level) after 1 year $250.00
  • 2 years or more $300.00 – $400.00 per level
  • Lower Mucosal (wet line) $300.00
  • Lower Mucosal touch up (4 weeks) $250.00
  • Boost (after 1 year) $275.00
  • 2 years of more $300.00


  • Brow $425.00
  • Touch up (4 weeks) $275.00
  • Boost (after one year) $275.00
  • Boost (after 2 years) $295.00
  • Microblading $700.00 (including one complimentary refining visit)


  • Full lip (one visit) $550.00
  • Touch-Up/Boost $425.00
  • Lip liner $350.00
  • Touch up (after 6 weeks) $250.00
  • Boost (after 1 year) $300.00
  • Boost (after 2 years) $350.00
  • Beauty Mark $100.00